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CO2RE holds a £1 million Flexible Fund which will be used to fill in gaps and needs identified during the lifetime of the Programme. The fund will support work to address research and engagement gaps through three approaches.   


Innovative new GGR approaches will be supported by an annual Pathfinders’ competition.
Information about the first round of proposals is available below. ~ £600k total

Capacity building

Investments to build capacity will help build a new cohort of GGR expertise, facilitating a flow of people carrying ideas and knowledge into and out of the Hub, the Demonstrator projects and beyond – funded activities will include establishing a new Future Leaders Network, funded secondments, workshops and skills development, with focus on early careers. ~ £250k total

Engagement with stakeholders

Funding will support exchange across the sciences, arts and humanities with stakeholders and publics. ~ £150k total

At the heart of the fund sits a commitment to inclusivity and collaboration. We believe that best outcomes for the fund can only be achieved by working together with the broad community of interest, bringing people together to share expertise, insights and understandings helping us develop timely, necessary and appropriately shaped opportunities to work together to achieve the GGR we require. To help in this endeavour, we will be announcing regular opportunities to join us in activities and events to scope and design our funding instruments. Please look out for these on this page, in our newsletters and social media.
The fund is managed by Imperial College London on behalf of CO2RE. For more information please contact the Fund Manager, Dr Paul Rouse.

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Pathfinders Call 1

CO2RE recently invited proposals to explore new methods for capturing greenhouse gases from ambient air or the marine environment and durably storing or converting them.

Projects which strategically address part of a removal method (such as capture, purification, or novel approaches to storage or conversion) were considered, as well as full-chain methods.

This first Pathfinders invitation for applications was an open call seeking to fund UK projects of up to one-year’s duration at a cost of up to £50,000 each.

The Call is now closed. However we will be running future calls so please check back for updates or sign up to our newsletter.

Virtual Town Hall

Our Call for Greenhouse Gas Removal projects was open until 18 January 2022. At this Town Hall meeting on 9 December 2021, members of the CO2RE team spoke to possible applicants about the Call.

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What is Greenhouse Gas Removal?

Our FAQ page answers questions around Greenhouse Gas Removal, including why we need it, what the different types of GGR are and how they can be pursued.

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GGR projects

Discover the five Demonstrator projects that are part of the GGR-D Programme: biochar, enhanced rock weathering, peatland, perennial biomass crops and woodland creation and management.

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Browse the latest publications from members of the CO2RE team, including articles in leading journals, policy briefings and reports on a range of aspects relating to GGR.


The UK GGR Event: Current Innovations & Future Directions
The UK GGR Event: Current Innovations & Future Directions

12-13 May 22. Showcasing the latest GGR research & innovation and highlighting its role in effective, sustainable & equitable climate action. Read more

Greenhouse Gas Removal: Getting it right for people and the planet
Greenhouse Gas Removal: Getting it right for people and the planet

12 May 22. Discuss, debate and discover how to get Greenhouse Gas Removal right for people and the planet. Read more

What does the IPCC say about carbon dioxide removal? (Online panel)
What does the IPCC say about carbon dioxide removal? (Online panel)

4 April 22. A chance to hear the key messages on carbon dioxide removal (CDR) from the latest IPCC report directly from the authors themselves, and ask them your questions. Read more