Monitoring, reporting and verification

Without accurate and transparent systems of monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) it is not possible to track the deployment and effectiveness of Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR).

MRV enables decision-makers to monitor progress against targets (UK carbon budgets and international Nationally Determined Contributions) and informs the development of incentives and regulations.


Challenges and uncertainties

However, there are currently significant methodological challenges and uncertainties. These include the challenge of reporting GGR technologies across sectors and countries, and of developing MRV systems for new GGR approaches such as geological storage, enhanced rock weathering and direct air capture.

This research will develop guidance on science-based standards for reporting sources and sinks from a range of GGRs across landscapes, sectors and countries. It will also develop ways of translating between different MRV approaches, including between business, national and international reporting, certification schemes and independent approaches using models, satellites and atmospheric measurements. 


The overall aim will be to inform a coherent international process for tracking the reduction of greenhouse gas sources and enhancement of sinks.

The team will aim to deliver the following:

• Input to the IPCC guidance on inventory methodology updates

• Review of certification schemes, for example for sustainable biofuels, CORSIA offsets and ELMS roll-out



Dr Jo House

Dr Jo House

University of Bristol

Dr Sue Rodway-Dyer

Dr Sue Rodway-Dyer

University of Bristol

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