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The Oxford Martin Programme on Human Rights for Future Generations

The Human Rights for Future Generations (HRFG) was an interdisciplinary research programme funded by the Oxford Martin School.

The Human Rights for Future Generations (HRFG) was an interdisciplinary research programme funded by the Oxford Martin School. The Programme was directed by ELAC’s co-director Dapo AkandeSandy Fredman (Faculty of Law) and Simon Caney (Department of Politics and International Relations). Its aim was to contribute to academic and policy thinking on the human rights dimensions surrounding 21st Century issues such as povertyarmed conflict and environmental change. Drawing on the disciplines of law, philosophy, politics and international relations, the HRFG programme was co-directed by ELAC’s co-founder Jennifer WelshLiora Lazarus (Faculty of Law) and Hilary Greaves (Faculty of Philosophy).

The programme set out to investigate the existing normative, legal and institutional human rights framework to face these challenges. These require international cooperation on an unprecedented scale. Yet there are serious questions regarding the adequacy of existing frameworks. In this light, the HRFD sought to advance a new framework built on ethical, legal and political dimensions that will help translate theory into real legal and policy solutions on these issues. It also aimed at leading and promoting high-level research in the different areas related to human rights and contributing to a better understanding of the contemporary challenges facing armed conflict, poverty and climate change.

The HRFG successfully engaged in in-depth reflection, based on scientific methods, in domains that are constantly evolving in response to current events and are subject to the political pressures. It crossed boundaries across disciplines and different stakeholders, by facilitating a dialogue between academics and those who are more practically and politically engaged. Several research projects were undertaken in the different domains of expertise at the HRFG.

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