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GGR Future Leaders Network ‘Sandpit’

The invitation

CO2RE, the Greenhouse Gas Removal Hub, is hosting an event to help design a new UK Future Leaders Network. The Network will bring early career practitioners together to help build long-term UK Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) capacity and capability. Why not join us?

During a one-day sandpit, participants will come together to help design the Network in a way that will be beneficial to its intended members (find out more about the objectives of the Network and related skills and development support, the Sandpit, the Hub and Programme).

The Hub will pay participants’ travel costs.

Why take part?

Not only will participants be able to influence the direction of the Future Leaders Network, by participating they can also: 

  • connect with and learn more about one of the largest GGR research programmes in the UK;
  • develop their personal network across the research, innovation, business and policy sectors;
  • be part of the effort to drive forward essential GGR; and,
  • learn new things from others working on GGR in an open, friendly and non-competitive environment.

What is a sandpit event?

Sandpits are interactive workshops with intensive discussion forums where free and lateral thinking is encouraged to delve into challenges, and uncover innovative solutions. They comprise a mix of participants from different areas of expertise and backgrounds, bringing a wide range of differing perspectives to bear on the agenda.

How do I get involved? 

If you would like to participate in the Sandpit and you are working on, or interested in, GGR from a business, academic NGO, practitioner, or policy perspective and within 10 years of starting your first research/innovation position or you have experience of running networks with similar objectives and have an interest in GGR, please email the Flexible Fund Manager at P.Rouse@imperial.ac.uk.

Event details

Event date:
January 17, 2023

Event time:
10:00 am


EIT Austin Court, Birmingham

Participants brought a diversity of interests and expertise to our ‘Sandpit’, lending fresh insight to possible directions that the design of a GGR Future Leaders Network might take. Follow this space as we share updates about its development and news of its anticipated launch this Spring.


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