Future Leaders Network


The Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) Future Leaders Network is a new and evolving network bringing together early career professionals working on GGR in the UK.

Originating as part of CO2RE, the network encompasses researchers, innovators and GGR solution developers, policy thinkers, consultants, corporates, trade associations, and many other emerging perspectives from across the GGR landscape.

We aim to create a diverse community of members and provide spaces to convene, share ideas, develop new perspectives, and build capacity to advance UK GGR.

Our vision and mission

Our vision

We envision a cohort of multidisciplinary leaders who collaborate to drive forward an impactful GGR system within the UK and beyond.

Our mission

We will harness our diverse skills and expertise to build capacity amongst early career GGR professionals from the bottom up – through events, collaborative projects, knowledge exchange, informal networking, and other experimental approaches.

Why join the Future Leaders Network?

Our members become part of a unique community of GGR practitioners, who convene regularly to engage in a varied calendar of events targeted at building the skills and capabilities needed by future leaders.

Members have access to funding and resources to support their own professional development, as well as the opportunity to participate in collaborative ‘microfinance’ projects to deliver small-scale experiments or programmes that support GGR development.

The Future Leaders Network is also a social space for informal networking with colleagues and peers.

Apply to join the Network

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Future Leaders Network Events

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Spotlight Series:

Meet members of the Future Leaders Network 


The Spotlight Series is a regular conversation series with members of the Future Leaders Network.

The series intends to shed light on the talented members that make up the Network, whilst providing insight into their inspirations, motivations and journeys into Greenhouse Gas Removal.

Read pieces from the Spotlight Series


Executive committee

Francesca Battersby

Francesca Battersby

Policy Officer, Carbon Gap

Aaron Benjamin

Aaron Benjamin

UK and Europe Lead, Direct Air Capture Coalition

Stella Linnekogel

Stella Linnekogel

GHG and Soil Carbon Specialist, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts

Post-doctoral Research Assistant, Aberystwyth University

Humbul Suleman

Humbul Suleman

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, Teesside University

Soren Vines

Soren Vines

FLN Secretary and Senior Data Analyst, AlliedOffsets

To get in touch with the Future Leaders Network organisers, please email exco@ggr-fln.org.