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Explore the Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrators (GGR-D) Programme 

UKRI is funding CO2RE and five interdisciplinary GGR Demonstrator projects, each researching a GGR method over the next four years. 

The results will be used to shape government decision-making on the most effective technologies to help the UK tackle climate change and reach net zero. Find out about each GGR project via the interactive map and by watching the video below.

Please note that locations are not exact.

  • CO2RE
  • Biochar
  • Enhanced Rock Weathering
  • Peatlands
  • Perennial Biomass Crops
  • Woodland Creation & Management
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Pathfinders projects


CO2RE is funding four innovative GGR projects as part of its Pathfinders Call 1. The projects explore new methods for capturing greenhouse gases and durably storing or converting them. Find out more about our funding opportunities 

Underwater Kelp Forest in California

Use of co-pyrolised biochar in Carbon-Negative Hydrogen Production (HyBECCS) from bio-organic wastes

algae cultivation

Evolved aquatic microbial communities to sequester atmospheric CO2 

cows graze on a green field in sunny weather, layout with space for text

Methane removal and remediation using chlorine radicals

Enzyme-enhanced carbon capture and storage solutions in basaltic rock

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What is Greenhouse Gas Removal?

Our FAQ page answers questions around Greenhouse Gas Removal, including why we need it, what the different types of GGR are and how they can be pursued.

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CO2RE holds a £1 million Flexible Fund which will be used to fill in gaps and needs identified in the GGR community during the lifetime of the Programme. The fund will support work to address research and engagement gaps through three approaches.


Browse the latest publications from members of the CO2RE team, including articles in leading journals, policy briefings and reports on a range of aspects relating to GGR.


3rd International Conference on Negative CO₂ Emissions
3rd International Conference on Negative CO₂ Emissions

Event date - June 18, 2024

CO₂RE is hosting the 3rd International Conference on Negative CO₂ Emissions Read more

The Role of Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) in UK Net Zero
The Role of Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) in UK Net Zero

Event date - November 7, 2023

Join a panel of experts to explore the risks, opportunities, perceptions and governance challenges of marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). Read more

GGR-D mid-programme gathering
GGR-D mid-programme gathering

Event date - October 17, 2023

The CO2RE Hub is hosting a GGR-D mid-programme gathering at the Lancaster House Hotel in Lancaster on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 ... Read more