Funding opportunity: An invitation to artists and creatives

Introduction to the CO2RE Artists, Arts and Humanities Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) Initiative


What are we funding?

We want to fund a portfolio of projects that may help take forward the GGR agenda – just bring your best ideas to the table! We are interested in projects that both creatively address GGR and also offer additional benefits to the environment, society and communities.

Click on the items below to see examples of projects we could fund.

Envisioning a positive future

Supported projects might include work that frames or describes a future that includes GGR in positive ways. Such work might represent, explore or describe what that future might look like and how it might work. Alternatively, work might explore what is frustrating positive conceptualisations of GGR.

Understanding or awareness

Work could help increase understanding or awareness of GGR. It might explore the causes of low understanding or awareness and explore or describe solutions. 

Supporting residencies and transfers

Supporting residencies and transfers between organisations, bringing together artists, creative and cultural producers, humanities researchers, scientists or policymakers to work together in an embedded way.

Encouraging engagement with young people

This could, for example, be within schools and other educational institutions, in the workplace, clubs or associations – online or face-to-face. 

Working toward equity and justice

In recognition of past and ongoing climate-related inequities, work that seeks to engage around equity and justice related to GGR would be welcome.

All approaches to visualisation are welcome, including from the virtual world.

Working with ritualistic thinking, design, practice or tools to inform or create processes of change.

Situating GGR in wider environmental work

We can support work that situates GGR in wider environmental concerns.

Working with communities
We are open to work with local communities of all types under the rubric of ACAH.
We are especially attracted to projects that not only substantively address GGR, but which also offer additional benefits to the environment, society and communities.

Who can apply for funding?

Applications are welcome from practitioners and academics, including, but not limited to, artists, designers, creative technologists, practice-based academics, filmmakers, performing artists, writers, museologists, and curators. We can fund people from any sector – public, private, civil society, universities, independent artists and creative practitioners.

How to apply?

Read the Guidelines for Applicants – this is very important! Then complete the Application Form. Applications should be emailed to in PDF format.

Application advice

Check out these videos on the application process:


Intellectual property/copyright

All materials, products, images, intellectual property or know-how generated will belong to the applicants.


The application deadline is 12pm BST on 9 September 2024.


Questions about your application? Contact Dr Paul Rouse: