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Pathfinders – funding innovative new GGR approaches 


CO2RE’s annual Pathfinders competition is filling innovation and research gaps by funding proof-of-concept type work with the potential for high impact. £60,000 awards will support studies to the point that they are well placed to apply for larger scale R&D sponsorship through other channels. 

Applications from the private sector and research organisations are welcomed. The Hub helps facilitate Pathfinder projects engagement and participation in the GGR Programme, opening up opportunities to engage with its community of stakeholders.


Pathfinders Call 3 – Closed

Enhancing durability of storage and realising GGR synergies 

The Pathfinders competition call 3 closed on 26 March. We are currently reviewing applications for funding projects of up to one-year’s duration, at a cost of £60,000 each. 

We invited applications that focus on:

  • Ways to enhance the durability of greenhouse gas storage, after its removal from the atmosphere, or
  • Approaches which may have some potential to realise beneficial synergies between more than one GGR approach, or other activities.

Read the Guidelines for Applicants for full details of the call.

Ropes connecting together to represent the topic (durability and synergies) of the article

Pathfinders Calls 1 (Autumn 2021) and 2 (Winter 2022) 

CO2RE previously invited applications for new funding to research new methods for capturing greenhouse gases and durably storing or converting them (Pathfinders Call 1) andocean or methane Greenhouse Gas Removal (Pathfinders Call 2). The calls are now closed, however you can read about the winners using the links below.

Winning projects – Pathfinders Call 1

Pathfinders Call 1 projects explored new methods for capturing greenhouse gases and durably storing or converting them.

Underwater Kelp Forest in California

Use of co-pyrolised biochar in Carbon-Negative Hydrogen Production (HyBECCS) from bio-organic wastes

algae cultivation

Evolved aquatic microbial communities to sequester atmospheric CO2 

cows graze on a green field in sunny weather, layout with space for text

Methane removal and remediation using chlorine radicals

Enzyme-enhanced carbon capture and storage solutions in basaltic rock

Winning projects – Pathfinders Call 2

Pathfinders Call 2 projects are exploring methane or ocean Greenhouse Gas Removal methods.

Underwater Kelp Forest in California

Encouraging Sphagnum moss growth in peatland pools to reduce methane emissions

algae cultivation

Removing atmospheric methane using solar driven catalytic membrane technologies

Ocean water background with waves

Developing efficient pre-treatment of seawater for process that removes CO2

Modelling mineral particle transport and dissolution in the ocean for Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement (OAE)