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Removals in Residence – Now Open!

Apply to our secondments scheme

Secondments can be a powerful tool to drive change. They can help create new knowledge, break innovation or policy bottle necks, open up access to new methods, ideas, data or infrastructure. 

We are funding one-year secondments aimed at enhancing UK capacity to develop GGR in environmentally, socially and economically viable directions. 

Secondments may be between any type of organisation including, for example, universities, start-ups and established businesses, the policy world or civil society organisations (CSO). 

The scheme will operate until 2025, subject to review. We have an open invitation for applications – there are no closing dates. 

Successful proposals will demonstrate a potential contribution to the delivery of the UK’s Net Zero Strategy and GGR targets. 

If you have a challenge that might be solved through a secondment, but you do not have an appropriate partner organisation, we are running a Brokerage Scheme to help.

To find out more about the funding and Brokerage Scheme, please read the Guidelines for Applicants and watch the brief webinar on this page.

Contact Dr Paul Rouse, Flexible Fund Manager, for further information.