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Astha Wagle

Research Assistant on Business Models

University of Oxford

Astha Wagle is the Research Assistant for the Business Models team at CO2RE, located at the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford. In her current role, Astha focuses on investigating resilient Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) business models across various policy scenarios to facilitate effective deployment. Astha is also examining the policy incentives that differ between countries for the development and deployment of GGR technologies at a scale.

Astha’s broader research interests lie in the intersection of climate and development, particularly in the context of developing countries. She is a recent graduate of an MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Prior to her Masters, she worked as a Research Associate at the Confederation of Nepalese Industries, where she played a pivotal role in administering primary surveys, aimed at assessing quarterly industry health, contributing to CNI’s data-driven advocacy initiatives. She holds a BA in Economics from Ashoka University.