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Oliver Broad

Research Associate on Evaluation Framework & Synthesis Reports


Senior Research Fellow, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources

Oliver Broad is a Research Associate on Evaluation Framework & Synthesis Reports at the CO2RE Hub and a Senior Research Fellow at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources. His work focuses on the use and development of optimisation modelling frameworks to address policy and investment decisions in relation to renewables, bioenergy, decarbonisation, and heat in the UK.

Oliver has been an active member of the UKERC (UK Energy Research Centre) since joining UCL in 2017. His work there has included bridging the gap between detailed, local network, engineering models and aggregate long-term heat decarbonisation scenarios for UK residential heat in collaboration with Strathclyde University. Under UKERC phase 4, Oliver is also collaborating with BEIS and wider stakeholders to redevelop the UK TIMES optimization model of the UK into a regionally explicit framework to better understand the dynamics between local and national decision making in relation to system decarbonisation.

Previous work includes collaborations with the World Bank and the United Nations focusing on analytical modelling, energy planning and capacity building in developing Africa and Latin America.