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Navraj Singh Ghaleigh

Co-lead on Governance, Legal & Ethical Factors and Lead for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

University of Edinburgh

Senior Lecturer in Climate Law, University of Edinburgh 

Navraj Singh Ghaleigh is the lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, as well as the co-lead on Governance, Legal and Ethical Factors at CO2RE, and a member of the Hub Management Board. Navraj is Senior Lecturer in Climate Law and Head of the Public Law Subject Area at the University of Edinburgh. His primary research focus is on climate law, analysing the frontiers of climate litigation and regulatory regimes for GGR technologies. He is the principal advisor to the world’s largest climate litigation philanthropic funder and Chair of the global science-policy network Climate Strategies. 

Navraj’s current and forthcoming research projects address the following: Greenhouse Gas Removal technologies, Oil and Gas Transitions, Export Credit Agencies, and Climate Constitutionalism.