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Prof Paul Ekins

Co-lead on Portfolio of Policy Options


Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy, UCL 

Paul Ekins is the co-lead on the portfolio of policy options at CO2RE. He is Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy at UCL. Paul was Deputy Director of the UK Energy Research Centre from 2014-2019, leading on its Energy Resources theme and was a UKERC Co-Director from its establishment in 2004. He is a member of UNEP’s International Resource Panel. His work concerns the policies for achieving an environmentally sustainable economy. 

Paul’s expertise covers many areas of energy-environment-economy (E3) interaction and environment policy, including: sustainable development assessment methodologies; sustainability indicators; resource productivity; sustainable energy use and decarbonisation; E3 modelling and scenarios; the adjustment of national accounts to take account of environmental impacts; environmental economic instruments and ecological tax reform; sustainable consumption; and environment and trade.