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Prof Sanja Bogojević

Co-lead on Governance, Legal & Ethical Factors

University of Oxford

Professor of Law, Lady Margaret Hall and Faculty of Law, University of Oxford 

Sanja Bogojević is the co-lead on Governance, legal and ethical factors at CO2RE. Sanja’s research interests relate to Environmental Law and EU Law, more broadly, and much of her work explores the intersections of private and public spheres in these two legal spheres, covering the role of markets in environmental law, the greening of procurement law, environmental rights adjudication, and climate change litigation. In addition to her work as part of the Hub, she is currently working on research projects exploring legal frictions involving large-scale infrastructure, including projects relating to the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as the interlinks between populism, the rule of law and environmental protection. She was awarded the Nils Klim Prize in 2016 for her outstanding research contribution to environmental law and emissions trading.