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Dr Laurie Waller

Researcher on Responsible Innovation & Societal Engagement

University of Manchester

Research Associate, Department of Geography, University of Manchester 

Laurie is a researcher on responsible innovation and societal engagement at CO2RE. He is a sociologist by training and currently a Research Associate based in the Department of Geography at the University of Manchester. At the Hub, he is leading research on mapping public issues relating to Greenhouse Gas Removal and developing engagement processes. As an embedded social scientist, he is also working closely with the Demonstrator projects exploring how to translate responsible innovation concepts and tools into the practice of greenhouse gas removal.  

Prior to joining the University of Manchester, Laurie worked at the University of East Anglia researching the social and political dimensions of large-scale Greenhouse Gas Removal, with a specific focus on BECCS and afforestation. He has a longstanding interest in the nature of public power in technological societies and has previously taught interdisciplinary courses on the analysis of knowledge controversies, participation process design and democratic theory. He is particularly interested in repurposing digital media as methods for analysing and visualising public concerns about matters of climate and environmental change.