Systems modelling

Systems modelling enables exploration of the optimal portfolio of Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) technologies for the UK under different constraints, and the associated costs and environmental and social impacts. It is valuable to understand the implications of GGR scale-up for the energy and industrial systems, including supply chains, and for land use. Modelling can also help to identify the pre-conditions that need to be in place to do GGR efficiently, for example, in relation to energy system requirements and local conditions. 


The research will expand and combine existing systems modelling tools so as to include a range of GGR options, including afforestation, direct air capture, enhanced rock weathering, biochar and soil carbon. The modelling will help identify synergies between the various GGR approaches. In addition, it will enable exploration of the interaction between GGR deployment and the broader energy and industrial systems. The introduction of socio-ecological constraints into the modelling, in addition to cost, water-use and land-use constraints, will inform the sustainable deployment of GGR. This will provide insight into the key characteristics and limiting behaviours of GGR options and generate deployment scenarios.  

The team will deliver an evaluation of system issues in relation to GGR options to inform sustainable deployment.


Professor Niall Mac Dowell

Professor Niall Mac Dowell

Imperial College London

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