Monitoring, reporting and verification & socio-ecological systems

As we transition to net zero, it is vital to have accurate systems in place to track the effectiveness of Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR), and consider associated costs, environmental and social impacts. Read more about the research CO2RE is doing in these areas below

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Monitoring, reporting and verification

Accurate and transparent systems of monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) will enable the tracking of GGR deployment and its effectiveness.

Ecological and social sustainability

It is vital to consider socio-ecological outcomes of GGR methods to ensure their scale-up supports sustainable development.  

A landscape showing a factory on the banks of the Forth River

Systems modelling

Systems modelling enables exploration of the optimal portfolio of GGR technologies for the UK under different constraints, and the associated costs and environmental and social impacts. 


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What is Greenhouse Gas Removal?

Our FAQ page answers questions around Greenhouse Gas Removal, including why we need it, what the different types of GGR are and how they can be pursued.

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GGR projects

Discover the five Demonstrator projects that are part of the GGR-D Programme: biochar, enhanced rock weathering, peatland, perennial biomass crops and woodland creation and management.

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Browse the latest publications from members of the CO2RE team, including articles in leading journals, policy briefings and reports on a range of aspects relating to GGR.