Business models

This research theme investigates what types of business models are emerging and whether they can scale up the Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) industry quickly in ways that create economic, social and environmental value. Which business models are attractive to investors? Which business models will be robust in different policy scenarios? And how can policy support innovation in business models over time as the industry evolves?



CO2RE is mapping what the sector needs from government and the features of GGR business models that are scalable and robust, through responsive collaborations with GGR developers, businesses and investors. The programme is working with the Demonstrator projects and other GGR projects to evaluate how different businesses respond to policies and economic incentives.


Researchers on business models will deliver the following outputs:

· Assessment of business model revenue performance under different policy scenarios

· Value chain mapping tool for stakeholders to understand value flows and collaborations

· Guidelines for policymakers to support business model innovation


Dr Aoife Brophy

Dr Aoife Brophy

University of Oxford

Dr Clare Richardson-Barlow

Dr Clare Richardson-Barlow

University of Leeds

Dr Mark Workman

Dr Mark Workman

Imperial College London

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